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New York Office
38 W 32nd St. (Suite 400)
New York, NY 10001
Fax: 212-268-5323

New Jersey Office
33 Kershner Place
Fair Lawn NJ 07410
Telephone: 201-794-0252
Fax: 212-268-5323

Danny Cell:201-491-8164
Raymond Cell:516-581-7189


Moore Colson often gets questions regarding recommendations for appropriate record keeping durations.  We've constructed a helpful chart that includes our suggestions.
Articles of Incorporation Indefinitely
Minutes of the Board of Directors Indefinitely
Financial Statements Indefinitely
Federal and State Income Tax Returns Indefinitely
941's Indefinitely
Sales and Use Tax Reports Indefinitely
IRS Determination Letters Indefinitely
Form 5500 Reports Indefinitely
Sales Invoices 8 Years*
Purchase Invoices - LIFO Indefinitely
Purchase Invoices - Others 8 Years
Buy - Sell Agreements Indefinitely
Notes Receivable 8 Years
Notes Payable 8 Years
Bank Statements/Checks 8 Years**
Leases 8 Years
W-2's Indefinitely
W-4's Indefinitely
*8 years pertains to non-calendar year-ends.  Otherwise, 7 years is sufficient for calendar year-end entities

**Longer if you wish

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